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What we do

We can help with anything game-dev related

HTML5 Games

WebGL based HTML5 games compatible with desktop and mobile devices.

PC Games

PC, Mac and Linux desktop games. Steam Leaderboard, Achievements, and more.

Mobile Games

Android and iOS games. Ads, IAP, Rewarded Videos, Leaderboards and more.

Graphic Design

Hi resolution raster graphics, vector graphics and low resolution pixel art.

Animation Design

Optimized graphic animations. Blitting and spine methods.

Video Editing

Video promo materials. Game trailers, gameplays, intros and more.

Music Composition

Unique dedicated soundtracks with great mood according to your game.

Sound Design

Original sound effects for any type of games.

Voice Acting

In-game dialogs, narration, menu voice-over, characters sayings.

Backend Systems

PHP based server side engines with secured connection.

Custom Databases

MySQL based database systems for games userbase, dedicated leaderboards and more.

C2 Plugins

Dedicated Contruct 2 addons for unique or external features.

About us

We are dedicated game developers

We are a dedicated game development team.

Senior developers in each of our professions. We make games, graphics and sounds from scratch and have completed over 100 projects leaving every single customer satisfied.


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